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Colorado Tractor Trailer Wrecks and Semi  Crash Attorney

Every day, hundreds of 18-wheeler big rigs and other large commercial trucks share the Colorado roads and highways with drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles. When an accident occurs, the significant size and weight differences between a semi-truck and a car often results in fatalities and devastating injuries to victims and their families.

At Selden Law, PC, we understand the price victims and grieving families can pay when negligence in truck accidents shatter their lives. Attorney Selden offers more than 20 years of trusted legal experience handling personal injury cases.

Determining Liability in Truck Accidents:

Attorney Selden has the legal background from handling hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases. She knows to effectively determine who is responsible for causing a crash, and address the complex web of factual issues involved, including:

  • Driver fatigue and inattention
  • Brake failure, tire blowouts and other equipment issues
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Shoddy or faulty repair
  • Load shifts, improperly secured and unsecured loads
  • Violations of Federal Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Regulations
  • Multiple party liability matters

Truck accidents frequently involve a tangle of complex relationships between commercial shipping companies, truck companies, vehicle owners, independent drivers, and the bewildering array of insurance carriers associated with each one. From tractor trailer accident laws and truck safety issues to handling insurance companies looking to avoid liability, we help protect the rights of clients from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, and areas between.

Contact our Experienced Colorado Truck Accidents Lawyer

If you or someone you know have suffered injury and require help finding just compensation and resolving the complex insurance issues, contact Stefanie M. Selden in Boulder, Colorado, today for a free consultation.

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