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Recent Verdicts and Settlements

$3.2 million verdict

Stefanie represented a woman who suffered permanent debilitating nerve damage when a defective chair collapsed from under her.  Stefanie was creative and persistent, suing multiple defendants.  Ultimately the Colorado Court of Appeals forced Westfield Insurance Company to pay her client $3.2 million.  LaLiberte v. Westfield Insurance Company, 11CA2118.

$1.1 million settlement

$1.1 million settlement for a 91 year old man, who was injured as a pedestrian and fractured his hip and ankle.

$1 million verdict against State Farm insured upheld

Stefanie represented a mother of three children, who received soft tissue neck and back injuries in a rear end collision.  Her injuries were permanent and effected her quality of life and ability to care for her kids.  The driver at fault was insured with State Farm. The jury award of over $1 million was affirmed by the Colorado Court of Appeals.  Barkle v. Byrne, 09CA1162

$771,000 verdict for a mentally disabled man who was hit by a utility truck while riding his bicycle.  He had neck and wrist injuries and underwent 2 surgeries, including a cervical fusion.

$500,000 settlement for a 62 year old financial planner who suffered a brain injury in a low impact car accident.  She was restricted to part-time work because of her brain injury.

$600,000 settlement for a teenager, who was accidentally killed by a friend while handling a firearm.

$300,000 settlement for a man who was struck by a semi-truck.  He suffered a broken leg and shoulder injuries.

Results depend on the facts of each case.